TV Hotspot Feature-A Look Back at 2015’s TV Winter Finales (Part 2)

Wally West Joins The Flash (via The CW)

Wally West Joins The Flash (via The CW)

Hey TV addicts,

I am a week late, I know. Life doesn’t stop when the shows stop. But I wanted to make a conclusion to this fall season of shows, especially before the Christmas specials. So let’s take a quick look at what went down with the rest of the superhero shows and the other vampire show that could.

SPOILER ALERT: Click HERE for the list of shows I watch before you spoil your TV appetite.

The Originals’ Savior

Although I felt The Vampire Diaries failed me, I stuck it out with The Originals. I’m glad I did. Then I wouldn’t have gotten to see that epic Hailey/Klaus fight and Cami repping for the humans. Davina was an eyesore but all was forgiven with Klaus and Cami. Yeah, I’m a Klaus/Caroline fan but I couldn’t deny the chemistry between he and Cami.

Will you just k...thank you. (via tumblr)

Will you just k…thank you. (via tumblr)

Then she dies. She damn dies. Because of a spoiled rich should-have-been-dead-my-gosh-why-is-she-still-alive vampire bitch. As you can see, I’m not pleased. First, Rebekah is still nuts and now this? Klaus, Elijah, save this mess.

Because I'm not okay! (via tumblr)

Because I’m not okay! (via tumblr)

Arrow’s Dark Waters

I have always loved Felicity but when Oliver revealed that he had feelings for her, it shocked my core. I did not see that coming and I have tried to adjust to it since. However, people took to the ship like fish on bait and now a bandwagon has been involved. It took me a while but the couple damn well grew on me.

Even found myself saying 'aww' a lot of times (via tiumblr)

Even found myself saying ‘aww’ a lot of times (via tiumblr)

Now, she might die? What is wrong with these writers killing off awesome women? Come on! We ordinary women need love too. She better not be dead. She BETTER NOT be dead. It may sting me but people will boycott the show, I know it.

Okay, what the hell is going on? (via tumblr)

Okay, what the hell is going on? (via tumblr)

Nah, she isn’t dead. She pulled a Roy on us. She isn’t….

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Forget the happy, happy. Time to kill Damien Dhark.

Agents of SHIELD’s Maveth

I could go on and on about how badass Fitz was in the episode, but I’ve used that spiel for the entire fall season. No surprise that somehow, he grew the biggest balls in life to keep an ancient evil from the portal. This is why I say Fitz is one of the best agents in SHIELD. The boy is like a chameleon when it counts, whether it’s behind a desk, figuring out the dimensions of a far away planet or in the far away planet, succeeding in a mission.

Not even death can defeat the Fitz (via tumblr)

Not even death can defeat the Fitz (via tumblr)

We also know Agent Coulson is like Superman on a rough day so, no need to hash out the fact that Ward always had it coming from him the moment he killed Coulson’s woman. I’m just annoyed he didn’t do it sooner.

Should have shot you dead, fool (via tumblr)

Should have shot you dead, fool (via tumblr)

Despite all that, the ‘death’ villain is still alive. In Ward’s dead body, no less. Ugh.

Creepy son of a...! (via tumblr)

Creepy son of a…! (via tumblr)

This can only get mind-numbing and annoying.

The Flash’s Running to Stand Still

A double duo of bad invaded The Flash’s winter finale and it was brilliant. Have I ever gushed about Mark Hamill’s The Trickster? No? It was probably a busy week. Mark Hamill not only played The Trickster in the first Flash TV series but also voiced the Joker in the Batman Animated Series, which was my first experience with the Joker. You know my love for the Joker spans my lifetime so of course, seeing Mark Hamill’s Trickster again was such a treat!

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Liam McIntyre also reprises his role as Weather Wizard. Goodness, Spartacus has a huge chip on his shoulder and he dragged Patty along for the ride. But the big reveal for this winter finale was Wally West. I wondered how they were going to insert that character…if ever. But if they had Jay Garrick coming along, Wally couldn’t have been far behind.

What are they going to do with him? So many possibilities! Is he normal for now or does he already have his powers. Hm. With the way DC does their shows, I don’t think he’ll have his powers just yet. His presence alone is nice to see. I’m so excited!

Yay yay yay! (via tumblr)

Yay yay yay! (via tumblr)

Then, history repeats itself with Dr. Harry trying to steal Barry’s speed force.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

At least, this time, I can sympathize. I hope he does the right thing and tells Barry first, so they can find a way to rescue his daughter. But he could just stick to his prideful, prick self and become an even more complicated character. Time will reveal all, people.

My Scream Queens review is coming up next. The Holidays may be here, but TV never rests.




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