TV Hotspot Feature-What the Hell, Luther Series 4?



Hey TV addicts,

I binge-watched Luther a while back before I heard the news that Idris Elba was going to be returning as Luther in a final two-part series. I was so excited. Alice’s crazy, Luther’s brooding, yay!

Then foolishness happened and I am no longer happy.


The last series ended on a very high note despite the death of Justin. While I’m still not over that death, the ‘what now?’ conclusion was still satisfying.

Get laid! (via tumblr)

Get laid! (via tumblr)

So I was happy that they were continuing the show for one last series. Bring on back the gritty, gritty tales of Luther and his not-so-normal life. That man has been through some hell and back and still, he rises like a phoenix in the ashes. He’s like the British male form of every empowering Maya Angelou poem and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of shit would come his way again.

Then they opened the two-part series with Alice’s death and I realized, I could have waited.

...we're being punk'd. (via tumblr)

…we’re being punk’d. (via tumblr)

Writers, what? I know that Ruth Wilson wasn’t going to be a part of it but my God, death? I was laughing right along with Luther. I couldn’t believe that crap if my life depended on it. Alice is an ingenious being. Death by drowning seems too ordinary for her. I thought she would go down in a fantastic blaze of glory. She deserved that much. Trivializing her death like that leads to fans thinking that writers are trivializing her character.

I wait for months and all I get is a red wig in water (via tumblr)

Luther may have been the protagonist but who is Luther without Alice? Without her shadow at least? There were so many alternate routes that could have been executed. Alice’s shadow has always been equally effective to the drama of the show. Why not have her fake the death and at the same time leave little clues for Luther to find. In the end, we could see Luther meeting her in the distance in like…Bulgaria somewhere.

Since when are the distance shots not enough? (via tumblr)

Since when are the distance shots not enough? (via tumblr)

Instead of Alice we get a blonde woman who is more psycho than reasonable. Clairvoyance in Luther? Don’t make me sneer, little girl.

Cry me a rive -_- (via tumblr)

Cry me a river -_- (via tumblr)

I am so disappointed in this ‘Alice is gone’ route. They even had Luther harping that crap to the ex turned serial killer, Steven. Sidenote: I may watch a lot of crime dramas but his rampage affected me the most. Who knows when one of your exes turn completely off the bend? This is why I don’t online date. The X-Files has taught me to trust no one.

Especially the exes (via tumblr)

Especially the exes (via tumblr)

The ‘nightmare ex’ plot resonated well with the usual atmosphere of the show. And Emma’s Rambo moment was thrilling for a while BUT Alice is still gone and I’m still unsatisfied.

I’m willing to deny this series’ existence. Are you?




Give me your feedback! XD

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