TV Hotspot Feature-What I’ll Miss About Downton Abbey

So long, Downton Abbey (via moviepilot)

So long, Downton Abbey (via moviepilot)

Happy New Year, TV addicts!

The Christmas special for Downton Abbey‘s series 6 aired on Christmas day and the viewing was bittersweet. Every good thing must come to an end but what will I do without my yearly Carson and gang fix? Here’s what else I’ll miss about Downton Abbey.

Mary’s Beaus

Hard to believe it, but I think I will actually miss her flitting about one man to the next. Not to say she didn’t do it in the most decent and lady-like way as possible. From a distinguished foreign officer dead in her bed to the ever perfect Matthew to a trio of beaus and finally to the devilish race car driver, Henry Talbot, Lady Mary’s courtships became a Downton Abbey trend. Frustrating to the happy end, I’ll still miss it.

 (via tumblr)

Henry Talbot has won the draw! (via tumblr)

Lady Edith’s Strength

Lady Edith didn’t let her lack of courtship bring her down. When she realized that she couldn’t rely on marriage to pave her path, she eventually made one for herself. First with her column and then with her very own magazine. It goes to show you that we can’t sit down waiting for someone to show us the world. We have to show ourselves our own possibilities. In the end, she became a baroness! Who would have thought? Lady Edith is a role model for the ages.

About time! (via tumblr)

About time! (via tumblr)

Downtown Family Values

The moment when they ensured Tom’s place in the family was the moment I knew the Crawley’s were one of the best TV families ever. They don’t let privilege come in the way of decency, respect and generosity. I especially want to point out Mary’s unconditional love for Carson and Lady Rose’s consideration for the servants. They all try to make the servants as part of the family as possible and I will forever rate that.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Couples Old and New

Carson and Mrs. Hughes are my first old people OTP. Their intimate scenes are legit adorable. Have I ever told you I grow especially soft when I see old people love? They made it. They survived love. They should be heroes.

Old couples rock (via tumblr)

Old couples rock (via tumblr)

And how could I forget our first OTP in the show? Anna and Mr. Bates! They survived more than age. They were both accused of murder, Thomas and Sarah were out to get them at one point and Anna kept dealing with miscarriages. If anything, they are the epitome of love struggles. But they made it out in the end with a family! Oh, my heart.

A happy family (via tumblr)

A happy family (via tumblr)

The Picturesque Scenes

It could be Downton Abbey itself, the village, even London. The scenes that are captured on-screen are so riveting. I have watched historical dramas before so I am no stranger to these scenes but you have to admit the vast landscape on which the mansion sits on takes your breath away every time.



Violet Crawley

I had to save the best for last. If there is one thing I will miss most, it is this fantastic woman. She may be elderly in physique but not in spirit. Her little quips about whatever situation the family is handling have always caused loud outbursts of laughter. I could be having the worst day, once I see her in a scene I know my day is about to get a lot better. She’s wise, witty and has an indomitable presence that may be frustrating to Isobel but wonderful to fans. Violet Crawley is bae and no one dare defy me.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Who am I kidding? I will EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in Downton Abbey. Even Thomas holds a special place in my heart. I’m going to wrap this up now before it gets really corny. One last thing: Downton Abbey was truly a TV privilege.


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