Bibliophilia-The Margaret Atwood Book Challenge



Hey readers,

I tend to get a little overenthusiastic when it comes to reading/book challenges. I have this ‘forever hopeful’ mindset within me at the start of the year but by the time summer reaches us, my determination starts to lag and I end up losing the challenge. I realized that next time, I’ll have to limit my number so that you, dear readers, can keep up with my journey.

So, I declare a Margaret Atwood Book Challenge for 2016.

Why Margaret Atwood? Go read one of my favourite poems, A Woman’s Issue and then come back to me. She’s also the author of some fantastic novels, she’s practically a literary goddess in Canada and her sometimes crude cynical writing style is right up my alley.

(via facebook)

(via facebook)

I will be reading a total of ten Margaret Atwood books for the year, so that I have ample time to write a review for each one. But I won’t be reading them all at once. Saturation is bad for the brain.



Give me your feedback! XD

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