TV Hotspot Feature-Hellhound Me, Baby! Teen Wolf Season 5B Premiere

(via teenwolf.wikia)

(via teenwolf.wikia)

Hey TV addicts,

Teen Wolf is back and hellhound better, in my opinion. Let’s chat about the season 5b premiere.


  1. Catatonic Lydia bores me

Yeah, let me be honest here. I’m kind of tired of catatonic Lydia.

Here we go again...(via tumblr)

Here we go again…(via tumblr)

Unless she’s going to break out of her mental state and use her Banshee powers like in the premiere of the first part of season 5, then ugh no more. Lying in a bed and speaking through trance dreams isn’t helping anybody, Lydia. I thought we were past this in season one. This isn’t snakes and ladders. It’s time for Lydia to evolve.

You think the hole in her head will help? (via tumblr)

You think the hole in her head will help? (via tumblr)

2. Stiles/Scott Ex-Bromance is Killing Me Slowly

Stiles being angry with Scott deeply troubles me. And even though they made a semi truce when they were trying to save Sheriff Stilinski, we all know they still have a long way to go. Stiles prediction has come true: something has happened to shatter the pack in pieces.

For the bromance, Stiles! (via tumblr)

For the bromance, Stiles! (via tumblr)

But knowing Scott, that boy will not give up his pack so easily. This was even more obvious when he carved the pack’s symbol in the wall. He is an angry alpha and he’s ready to regain what he lost.

#TeamScottsPack! (via tumblr)

#TeamScottsPack! (via tumblr)

3. No More Stalia!

Speaking of lost, I’m part of the unpopular view that Stiles and Malia are the stuff of puppy dog love. So when Malia confirmed that she and Stiles ‘sort of broke up’, it hurt.

And you done broke my heart. (via tumblr)

And you done broke my heart. (via tumblr)

Malia’s point-blank, no strings, brutal honesty was always a refreshing characteristic as well as one of her biggest strengths. She tells us how it is, not what we want to hear. I loved that. Her no-nonsense perspective shows she’s Peter Hale’s daughter. But Malia’s practicality is hindering on her man support. Let Stiles help you, Malia.

4. Why Is Theo Still Around?

Lydia’s catatonic state I can bear for another 12 episodes, but Theo’s presence is seriously getting on my nerves. First, he’s working for the villains and now he might be working with Scott’s pack, using his own violently gained pack? If you’re going to be a villain, be a full villain or go home, Theo.

We know who you are. Your sunbeams won't help (via tumblr)

We know who you are. Your sunbeams won’t help (via tumblr)

I don’t care if he appeared to Stiles with the angelic sunbeams on his back, the fact is that he tore his own sister’s heart out. And if it wasn’t him, then he allowed it. He’s psycho and he really needs to go.

5. Hayden: Betrayer of Liam

Her first thing to do when she comes back from the dead is to frame her boyfriend. Why you so cruel, Hayden? Has she forgotten the last few months? It’s like when you didn’t remember to save where you are in a game, it malfunctions and you have to revert to your last saved game. This is the Hayden before season 5 started and we don’t like it. Liam, fix this.

Girl, what's wrong with you? (via tumblr)

Girl, what’s wrong with you? (via tumblr)


When Scott brought along back up, he sure brought it! Mr. Argent in the living flesh! Go on with your bad self.  Dread Doctors, eat some Argus’ deadly bullets!

Argus is back! (via tumblr)

Argus is back! (via tumblr)

I hear Allison is coming back as an ancestor of some kind. I don’t care what the actress manifested into, I miss the Argent family. Hey, is Isaac coming back too? I’m asking…for a friend.

7. Hellhound me, baby!

Now for the biggest reveal of the night! Yeah, if you want to be technical, we already knew Parrish was a hellhound. But to see him in actual form? Goodness, you can hellhound on me anyday, Parrish.

Lordt. (via tumblr)

Lordt. (via tumblr)

As a supernatural geek, I can understand why Theo would want him on his pack. He’s hellishly strong (pun intended), violent, red-eye crazy and he just melted that steel grate into marshmallow form. Oh, I’m going to have fun watching him develop. Here’s to hoping Theo dies first before he can reign the hellhound in.

Sic him, Parrish! (via tumblr)

Sic him, Parrish! (via tumblr)

SIDENOTE: Lydia is 18. So her scenes with Parrish are totally legal.

And totally hot (via tumblr)

And totally hot (via tumblr)

The hellhound has renewed my faith in the show.


Give me your feedback! XD

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