TV Hotspot Feature- Legendary! DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Premiere, Part 1.

The Legends! I'm too lazy to name them all (via Youtube)

The Legends! I’m too lazy to name them all (via Youtube)

Hey TV addicts,

Did ya’ll catch the first episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? It was perfect in every way and anyone who had a problem with it, clearly wasn’t watching the same show. Here’s fives ways in which it was legendary!


  1. A Lot is Going On…But I Like It!

The executive producer, [name], claimed that the show was like ‘superhero crack’. And I must be the only fan who is actually excited about the plethora of perspectives from different superheroes. Maybe I’m blinded by my fangirl obsessions but too much isn’t always a bad thing.

Except if you're porn...(via tumblr)

Except if you’re porn…(via tumblr)

Because of such an ensemble, we got so much action in a pilot it was probably illegal. I mean, you have nine superheroes who have a variety of backstory. The crazy reached 100 real quick. It was especially insane when Chronos came to capture Rip Hunter and everyone superhero-ed out to defeat him.

Be still, my fangirl heart! (via tumblr)

Be still, my fangirl heart! (via tumblr)

Even a simple bar fight was a delight.

Fight, fight! (via tumblr)

Fight, fight! (via tumblr)

Some have claimed that the pilot was choppy. Please…which pilot isn’t? Frankly, for a superhero ensemble such as this, they have done a better execution than shows which only feature one character. No one is ever satisfied. I’ll take this pilot as one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I’d bet my Batman shirt on it.

2. Sara Lance is Growing on Me

I had to extract her from the team because unlike the others, Sara’s backstory in the Arrow has always been touch and go. She was on team Arrow and then she wasn’t. A couple of mini-reunions with her family and then she dies. I feel like Legends of Tomorrow gives us the opportunity to know her more intimately, which has been overlooked countless times on the Arrow.

I think this sealed the deal (via tumblr)

I think this sealed the deal (via tumblr)

3. The Villains are This Show’s Underdog

Heat Wave and Captain Cold have this comedy relief on point! Especially Heat Wave. I found myself laughing at his weirdness without even thinking about it. And you know that’s the best kind of humor. They may have villainous intentions but I feel like Sara and the others will grow on them.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

4. Didn’t I mention Time Travel?

Throughout the pilot, my Doctor Who senses kept informing me that Rory has become DC’s Doctor, filling me with forever glee. I already geeked out on the time travel element on the show but it needed to be repeated. Rory Rip Hunter breaking from the Time Council to steal a time ship is happily approved.

Rory is growing up (via tumblr)

Rory is growing up (via tumblr)

Speaking of Rip…

5. Rip Hunter Has A Real Fight to Pick

A show as massive as this, couldn’t help but give us one sobering moment.  Rip Hunter needs to kill Savage because he murdered his lover and their child. Child-killing is beyond cruel and if a villain is capable of doing that, then he needs to be stopped no matter the lies that were told.

Mmm...that's cold. (via tumblr)

Mmm…that’s cold. (via tumblr)

The heroes, being heroes (and humane villains?) used that along with their own reasons of changing their fate to get back on the bandwagon.

Let’s see what’s in store for part 2. The preview is below:



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