TV Hotspot Feature- War for Nassau: Black Sails Season 3 Premiere

(via YouTube)

Blackbeard! (via YouTube)

Hey TV addicts,

I watched the season 3 premiere of Black Sails last Saturday where Blackbeard’s character was life and Eleanor was a sell out. Let’s discuss this mess.


Blackbeard is the most terrifying pirate. Period.

Forget every other pirate that has ever been in existence, real or otherwise. Blackbeard has the top spot in evil pirate. The man’s name has inspired fear for centuries. Real life fear. This guy was a real pirate with a real nasty reputation. Every other pirate looks like worm meat.

Poor worms (via tumblr)

Poor worms (via tumblr)

I can’t wait to see what this show is going to reveal about him. He knows Vane, which makes a lot of sense since Vane has been the premier giver of no shits since the show’s inception. I expect a tense meeting between them with me, staring holes in my tablet, waiting for a bomb to drop.

Beginning of the end (via tumblr)

Beginning of the end (via tumblr)

Captain Flint is on a mad killing spree.

And I’m all for it. After what happened to Miranda Barlow, he has decided that burning the town in which she was killed still didn’t make up for it. I want someone to have dedication like that for me if I’ve been wronged. In the last town he plundered, he didn’t even have sympathy for the praying woman.

No loove (via tumblr)

No loove! (via tumblr)

It would be just like a pirate crew to go along his personal revenge along the Caribbean seas. It would be exactly like John Silver to promote it. You know he likes nasty, snide things.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Hornigold and Dufresne are fools.

They have become puppets for the English. It’s like a Stacey Dash situation where you’re suddenly on the side that has been screwing you since day one. Actual history tells us that the English knows nothing called loyalty. These fools will die soon and I can’t wait. So why waste screen time?  They better not set foot in Nassau because Charles Vane will skin them alive. Eleanor may have been his betrayer bae but she was bae nonetheless.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Eleanor Is Loyal to No One

The English blood is ripe within that girl. She has no love or loyalty to anyone but to her seat of power. She will throw anyone under the bus. So that English guy who wants to be Nassau’s magistrate? HA! Yeah, that’ll definitely happen while Eleanor is breathing. She does want the island to be a legal state. But no man is going to stop her from getting the seat.

She's baaack (via tumblr)

She’s baaack (via tumblr)

The Rich Knows Nothing

I like Jack Rackham. I really do. He helped Anne Bonny when she needed it the most and as a woman, I’ll always respect that. So, I want him to govern Nassau and rebuild the fort like anyone with good intentions. Besides, Charles Vane supports him. Apart from his taste in women, he knows a good guy when he sees one.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

But Max? She’s a loose cannonball and like Eleanor, her loyalties always lie with herself. Those two deserve each other when you think about it. She wants to rule Nassau. She wants the Spanish gold. She wants it ALL and anyone who wants to possess that much power is a dangerous asset.

Even her side-eyes are annoying me (via tumblr)

Even her side-eyes are annoying me (via tumblr)

The War for Nassau, people! Who will win?


2 responses to “TV Hotspot Feature- War for Nassau: Black Sails Season 3 Premiere

  1. Good review! Looking forward to Blackbeard being a badass and fucking shit up in town!

    (Just one thing, is Eleanor Guthrie and not Elizabeth lol)


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