Musical Mentions-How Beyonce Broke Down Her Blackness

(via the wrap)

Formation, the music video by Beyonce (via the wrap)

Hey music lovers,

Beyonce’s new video Formation came out this Saturday and was too damn meaningful more times than I could ever count.

Here is the video below:

I am a person that cannot and will never forget my roots. I have said it time and time again that I am a black Jamaican who just landed in America for the time being.

So, when a globally recognized artiste drops a video/song about their humble beginnings, I MUST gush! Yes, Beyonce, Ms. Queen Bey, Ms. Owner of the Beyhive, Ms. Larger than Life, Ms. Feminist Singer, I salute you for giving us insight to your deep Southern roots. Your Southern black is as black as ever in this video and your child’s hair is the naturally blessed.

My hair goals (via tumblr)

My hair goals (via tumblr)

As for taking her man to Red Lobster? Yes, hunny! No matter which country, a black woman loves her food. She will celebrate good sex with wholesome food. We don’t know the meaning of a half plate of food. It’s a fact. Look it up on Google.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

I also salute you for addressing those haters who want to besmirch you and your child’s name.  I’m not gonna lie, there was a time the Illumanti conspiracy had me giving side-eyes, but I grew up and got over myself. Beyonce went direct and told those fools that she doesn’t stand for the Illumanti. Good. Tell those people to go home, Bey.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Then she gives us a heart to heart on how we too can slay like Ms. Bey.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

As for addressing the police brutality on black Americans? COME THROUGH, BEY! As a black woman, Beyonce is showing the public which side she’s on: anti-Stacey Dash. The hooded boy dancing in front of a wall of policemen was a symbolic way to express the goals of the #blacklivesmatter discussion. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would approve.  We all as a black race approve.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Beyonce, you slayed good! I have this song on eternal repeat.



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