TV Hotspot Feature- Confused by The X-Files S10 Finale? Me Too

Agents Miller, Einstein and Scully (via FOX)

Agents Miller, Einstein and Scully (via FOX)

Hey TV addicts,

I watched season 10 X-Files, I enjoyed season 10 of the X-Files and now I don’t know what to make of season 10 of the X-Files. Here are my thoughts…


The X-Files season 10 ended with one of the best and worst cliffhanger I’ve ever seen. Yeah, you read that right. The worst and the best. Because although it was a cliffhanger done damn right, it infuriated me to no end. With an excellent nine-season rap sheet, I’ve let a lot of stuff slide for this special season. But that cliffhanger wasn’t going to go away in my mind.

Scully is the Saviour of Alien Conspiracy Theme? Makes sense. Scully’s struggle is put in the spotlight for this season finale. It always gives me a thrill when she’s inclined to believe the existence of aliens. A repeated dramatic irony that Chris Carter makes so interesting. Although when she transformed into an alien to prove his point, it gave me chills.

X-Files at its finest (via tumblr)

X-Files at its finest (via tumblr)

Half-alien indeed. And because of her alien dna, she’s saved from the Smoking Man’s genocidal tendencies. In the new world, he wants Dana all to himself. But agent Scully ain’t having none of it. So she makes replicas of his DNA to save the world. At least to save Mulder.

(via tumblr)

(via tumblr)

Agent Einstein is Less Annoying When She Believes

She had an awkward introduction in the penultimate episode. I wanted to think she would be a great replacement for Scully when she and Mulder ran off with William somewhere (like ya’ll don’t see that happening?). But she failed the fandom….wait a minute, she’s working with Scully to fight the sinister alien conspiracy?

(via tumblr)

Teamwork! (via tumblr)

Right on, Agent Einstein. You deserved Scully’s alien DNA juice as much as Mulder.

Cigarette Smoking Man is SUCH a Douche

The one good thing that came out of this episode was that we saw what evil really looked like. Cigarette Smoking Man (CSM) revealed his true face and it was gruesome and appropriate. No man that cruel should ever live with a normal face. We can thank karma for that one.

Evil's face, indeed (via tumblr)

Evil’s face, indeed (via tumblr)

He tries to goad Agent Mulder in injecting some alien juice to save his life but we all know Mulder would rather die. Nobility and principle and all that crap. Frankly, I don’t want Mulder to die because he’s freaking Mulder. But anything CSM touches turns darkness so I was on the fence with that offer.

Hear, hear! But can't die though (via tumblr)

Hear, hear! But um…you can’t die though (via tumblr)

Speaking of things he’s touched…

Et tu, Agent Reyes?

Chris Carter tries a little turn-around with the partner dynamic back in 2000 which led to Agent Reyes, the pseudo-Mulder to land on the scene. She was okay for the X-Files, I suppose. I really only tolerated her because Scully was still there and pregnant and needed girl support. But whenever Mulder came back, I just wanted her and agent Doggett out of the way.

But there were fans that still liked her. She helped Scully/Mulder’s love child to exist. Why would Chris Carter turn her into such a sellout? To CSM, no less! Shame, Agent Reyes!

I can't even look at you. (via tumblr)

I can’t even look at you. (via tumblr)

I Believe!

Scully FINALLY finds Mulder and I look at the clock and realize, with deep dread, that a cliffhanger is about to happen. Nothing can be solved in two minutes. Especially when Scully now needs to hunt down her son to save her baby daddy. Chris Carter just begged FOX for another season.

Or we take our show to Hulu! (via tumblr)

Or we take our show to Hulu! (via tumblr)

I’m thinking we’ll be taken on a journey to William when out of flipping nowhere, an alien spaceship emerges from the dark sky. And this time, EVERYONE can see it! If Mulder wasn’t dying, he would be doing the happy dance while the rest of the world stared in horror.

Ya'll believe now? (via tumblr)

Ya’ll believe now? (via tumblr)

My thoughts are that it’s really the government’s spaceship prototype coming for Scully. It makes sense. She’s one of the ‘chosen’. CSM is pulling his own man-made rapture phenomenon and we’re all shit scared.



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