Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Stone Cold)

Demi Levato singing Stone Cold (via

Demi Levato singing Stone Cold (via

Hey music lovers,

Demi Levato has always been a question mark for me. Do I like her? Could I be a regular fan? I never paid much attention to her during her Disney days. To me, she was the female Jonas Brothers pumping out barely memorable pop songs.

Then she went to rehab, got herself better and created Skyscraper, which one of her best in my humble opinion. She has since then succeeded expectations and now she holds my heart once more with Stone Cold.

Stone Cold-Demi Levato

It isn’t as personal as Skyscraper but the emotion is still quite poignant. The song speaks to a reluctant ex and who hasn’t been in a situation like that before? We do a lot of things for love including sacrificing our own happiness for theirs so, yeah, relatable.

I have to say, her Confident  album has been winning since its release. Keep on singing, Demi. You’re doing it right.


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