The Blogger: A One Woman Band

Still Going Strong (June, 2015)

Hello readers old and new!

I’m surprised to say that it has been 11 months since I have started this blog. Eleven consecutive months. Not a month has passed and I haven’t posted. Readers, that is a great feat, trust me. I’m a little lazy.

Life keeps all of us busy but I am determined to reach my 1 year mark and continue to make this blog even better.

Oh, and my new alter-ego is Catwoman. I change from time to time.

via giphy

via giphy

Sleep-deprivation: A ‘Cosmopolite’ History

In April 2014, during one my sleep deprived moments, I impulsively created a book review blog entitled ‘Literary La La Land’ (catchy name, right? *proudly pats self on shoulder*). It was a great concept but other commitments (damn you, thesis) kept me from posting. So, I thought it was time to permanently delete the site.

But I have always loved the concept of blogging. I studied Communications for a reason. I might as well use what I learn (and all that tuition money) in flexing my creative and communicative skills. One other reason is that I am unhealthily passionate about pop-culture: books, television shows, movies, music, sane celebrities etc. My friends are not mentally prepared to take on my geek spasms (trust me, I’ve noticed -_-) In essence, you–wonderful readers–get to experience my passionate pop-culture mania and I keep my social life intact. Win-win.

Me around normal people (via tumblr)

Me around normal people (via tumblr)

I can do it! One Woman Band.

From what I have gathered so far, expansive blogs such as these are usually manned by a team of bloggers. I don’t have a team. I probably will need one in the future but for now, I’m a one woman band. I’m not too worried. I believe that if you have successfully handled random micro-blogging on tumblr, then you can do anything.

Even though it can sometimes prove challenging (via

Even though it can sometimes prove challenging (via

So have a little faith and stick around for more.


Give me your feedback! XD

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