TV Hotspots

I am a TV addict through and through. My list of television shows is epic and my passion for these shows is unparalleled among my peers. So naturally, I’m going to want to discuss a few episodes now and again. This section is dedicated to that.

I couldn’t possibly comment on every show I watch. Here is a list of the TV shows that are usually included in TV Hotspot.

Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Marvel’s Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D., The Mindy Project, New Girl, Scandal,  How to Get Away with Murder, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story, Black Sails, The Americans, The Musketeers, Homeland, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Scream Queens, The Muppets, The Originals, Suits, Doctor Who, Luther, Teen Wolf, BBC’s Sherlock, Jessica Jones, The X-Files, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the Walking Dead.

NOTE: Additions and subtraction will occur from time to time.

Posts about TV Shows come in five categories:

Midweek Madness

In which I rank the craziest TV episodes from Sunday to Tuesday during the Fall TV season.

Update (2/28/16): Midweek Madness is suspended until further notice.

Characters of the Week

In which I choose who were the heroes, villains, underdogs, creeps, village idiots and other categories of the Fall Season TV week: Sunday to Saturday.


A segment in which I expound on season finales, season premieres and any other TV phenomena.


Bite-sized mentions of any current or upcoming TV phenomena.

Summer TV

Similar to the Feature segment, the Summer TV evolution is too huge to just be mentioned in a bunch of side posts.


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