“Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff” What Makes Up the Blog?

Good question. The tagline for the blog is ‘the world at my fingertips’. I didn’t create that on a whim. This blog is a platform for me to discuss anything and everything that I come across daily. So, although this blog primarily focuses on pop-culture, I can get pretty opinionated on current affairs.

Cosmopolite includes:


Click HERE for the full breakdown.


I think the name speaks for itself, really. Like my bite-sized tv show reviews, I will try to keep my movie reviews as brief and to the point as possible. I have TONS of movies I want to rant about. And I would like your opinion on them as well.


I don’t think I could be a millennial and not appreciate a good song now and again. This section appeals to the musical geek in me. And I don’t play favourites. The songs I blog about could be mainstream or from a certain Icelandic indie band that makes up their own language for lyrics.

Song of the Week: I can’t be the only one who has a song stuck in her head weekly. Or a throwback tune. This sub-segment is for those songs that we can’t get enough of during the week.


When am I ever not reading a novel? Can’t really pinpoint a good time. A hectic or a slow-moving phase in my life has never stopped me from grabbing a few minutes to dive into a good one. As one who has read a great number of books in her short lifetime, it only feels right to review books which affected my life or were just simply great reads. This section is dedicated to book reviews and my current book/reading challenges.


Escapism is great. But once in a while, reality is more interesting than fiction.


 Travel spots I intend to visit in the near future and other travel trivia.


These pop up from time to time. Any topic, anywhere.


Notes to keep you up to date on what’s going on with the blog or the author herself.

So go exploring! Enter the mind of a wannabe cosmopolite.

Give me your feedback! XD

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